Aware that competitive societies face the task of taking on important challenges for the future and a strong commitment to knowledge and intelligence, it is up to companies like ours to play a very active role in favor of innovation and the transfer of knowledges. Hence ICGUniversity, a higher education program with which we are working in collaboration with schools and universities, and with which our intention is to provide the best technological tools and teaching materials for the training of future professionals of the hotel and tourism sectors. The social function of a vocational training center or university is measured by its impact and its teaching and research quality, but also by the degree of activity of its interrelationship with its environment.

In the current social and economic situation, it is more necessary than ever to intensify this role and involve training centers in shaping an environment conducive to the generation of knowledge and its transformation into economic value, productivity and competitiveness, which facilitates the creation of employment and wealth. Among all the elements to be taken into account, the scientific and technological relationship between training centers and companies stands out.

At ICG we want to take on this role of collaborating with training and knowledge because we are convinced that, at the same time, we are helping to lay the foundations for a balanced, advanced and fairer society.

If quality is the framework within which tourism and restaurant companies must develop, their other backbone is innovation. Companies in this sector are increasingly aware of the need to innovate if they want to compete with greater guarantees in a globalized market, making this factor a key strategic goal.

Innovation in the world of tourism and restaurant business is understood as the potential to develop and use new products and new production processes, achieving improvements in results, such as costs, quality, service, responsiveness, etc. And without a doubt, the use of ICTs has been the main driver of the great transformations that the sector has undergone in recent years.

Today to qualify a hospitality establishment there are many elements such as design, facilities, variety and quality of cuisine, room service… but above all the existence of a highly qualified staff able to add to transmit and give a good image, with the help of new technologies.

In a restaurant, the main assessment of the diners are, on the one hand, the senses that awaken with the tasting of the kitchen and the preparation and presentation of the dishes, and on the other, the emotions that the staff and the service bring. . Therefore, both the quality of the dishes and the image and attention of the staff, as well as the organization and operation of the work, are very important for the whole establishment.

The key of ICGUniversity is to pass on the knowledge to organize and control tourist and restaurant establishments with new technologies, and also to acquire other transversal skills that affect different jobs, including autonomy, innovation, organization of the work, responsibility, teamwork and problem solving.

Andreu Pi Pocurull President of the ICG Group

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